Elements Chocolate Co 70% Dark Chocolate Single Origin Vietnam 80g


Although 70% cocoa, we didn’t find any bitterness when tasting this lovely smooth chocolate. There are hints of summer fruits and plum, and a distinct lack of the taste of tannins. So even if you don’t particularly like dark chocolate, this is one you might enjoy. But for the dark chocolate lover, it has such rich, fruity taste that you’ll be coming back for more. This is a bean to bar creation made in Western Australia using ethically sourced beans from Dak Nong in Vietnam.

Type: Dark. Vegan friendly. Gluten free
Cocoa percentage: 70%
Flavours and inclusions: N/A
Weight: 80 Grams

Pairing suggestions
We enjoyed this with a rich Cabernet Sauvignon. The nutty, fruitiness also lends itself to dessert wines, Cognac and Shiraz. Lovely after dinner treat with some stone fruit or dried plums.

Artisan details
One of only a few bean to bar artisan chocolate makers in Western Australia, Elements Chocolate Co. love to combine high quality handmade chocolate with Australian Native bush foods and offer people flavours they had probably never tried before.

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Cocoa Solids, Organic Cocoa Butter, Australian Cane Sugar

May contain traces of nuts & soy


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