‘Nuts About Chocolate’ Bundle


This bundle offers the best of chocolate and nut pairings, featuring both milk and dark chocolate.

  • Kokopod Delightfully Turkish 50g

    Where the east meets the west. Chunks of gooey Turkish delight mixed with roasted almonds and dried rose petals. Sitting pretty on a bed of fine European chocolate. Ham-ham (that’s yum-yum in Turkish!)

    Type: Milk chocolate. Gluten free
    Cocoa percentage: 38%
    Flavours and inclusions: Turkish delight, almonds, dried rose petals
    Weight: 50 grams;

    Pairing suggestions
    Turkish delight is always delightful on a dessert board served with Baileys on ice or a muscat.

    Artisan details
    Based on the Sunshine Coast, the team at Kokopod pride themselves on combining locally produced ingredients with indulgent couverture chocolate to make their sumptuous chocolates.

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  • Charlotte Piper Dark Chocolate Sour Cherry & Roasted Almond Bark 80g

    A thin layer of beautiful rich dark chocolate, filled with freeze-dried sour cherry and roasted almonds, presented as whimsical chocolate shards in an adorable little gift box.

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  • Kokopod Nutty Butter Toffee Milk Chocolate 100g

    This delicious block is a sweet treat featuring butter toffee and shards of roasted almonds. Definitely a step up from an old fashioned butter toffee.

    Type: Milk chocolate. Gluten free
    Cocoa percentage: 38%
    Flavours and inclusions: Butter toffee, roasted almonds
    Weight: 100 Grams

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  • Ratio Dark Chocolate Raspberry Hazelnuts 200g

    Whole hazelnuts, roasted to a light crunch, then coated in organic dark chocolate and dusted with crushed organic Victorian freeze dried raspberries.

    Type: Dark. Gluten free. Vegan.
    Cocoa percentage: 63%
    Flavours and inclusions: Hazelnut, Raspberry
    Weight: 200 Grams

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  • Elements Chocolate Co Milk Chocolate with Sandlewood & Lemon Myrtle 80g

    A satisfying crunch of sandalwood nut joins soft and aromatic lemon flavours are folded into the smooth caramel tones of this decadent milk chocolate.

    Type: Milk
    Weight: 80 grams

    Pairing suggestions
    This chocolate has a complicated flavour profile that goes well with a dry gin and an assortment of tangy tropical fruits.

    Artisan details
    One of only a few bean to bar artisan chocolate makers in Western Australia, Elements Chocolate Co. love to combine high quality handmade chocolate with Australian Native bush foods and offer people flavours they had probably never tried before.

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